ASP Training Institute ASP.Net Project


“ASP Training Institute” is a small company that specializes in IT related training. The company offers workshops for both individuals and organizations. Workshops can be offered in the company’s facilities and are open to both individuals and group registrations. “ASP Training Institute” also offers workshops for various organizations in their facilities. These sessions are to be attended by the organization’s employees only. The company has several full and part time staff with different areas of IT expertise.

As the business has grown, the ASP Training Institute company needs a computer system to handle information about workshops and registrations. Currently, registrations are made by phone and data is stored in an Excel spreadsheet. The company wants the new system to keep information about trainers and workshops as well as allow individuals and organizations to register for the workshops.

General Requirements

There will be three levels of users: administrator, trainer and registrants.

The Administrator will

  1. Edit his own credentials
  2. Create and edit trainer accounts
  3. To Indicate which workshops will be offered every month
  4. Trainer will be assigned to their respective workshop based upon expertise
  5. Generate a report for a specific workshop
  6. Lookup the status of a particular registrant
  7. Generate a report about the schedule of a particular trainer

The Trainer will

  1. Edit his/her credentials, contact info
  2. Update his/her areas of expertise
  3. Generate a list of registrants for a specific workshop
  4. Update his/her availability

The Registrant will

  1. Be able to register in the system
  2. Edit his/her credentials, contact info
  3. Be able to register for a workshop
  4. Be able to arrange a workshop in the case of an organization wanting to train their employees in their facilities.

Tools and Language:-

Front End: ASP.NET
Back End: SQL Management System

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