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This concept basically related to a portal which will allow dealers or vendors and customer linking on a common platform. This portal will be a web platform wherein vendor will register and add crystal products. They can also differentiate and highlight special crystals as per horoscope ( as they have a huge market). Once crystals are added they will be available for sale which can be searched and added to kart by customers for buying. Portal will provide an easy to use and responsive website.

Project Description in Brief:

The requirement will be to develop an admin module which will be used to sell products, register vendors, register customers, cart functionality and related crystals functionality. We can also manage coupons from admin panel. This will also involve web service / API which will communicate with Website front end and database and save data securely via admin panel. 
We will also have employee management wherein executives delivering the sold products to customers will be registered and in turn, will track the delivery part. The application will involve order management and delivery. This will involve executive, the order created and tracking id. 
The application will have an informational part too like About US, Terms & conditions, Privacy policy etc which basically will be static pages.

User Types: Admin, Customer, Employee logins (no vendor login as discussed)

  • Admin will have access to all modules in the web and can monitor everything in the application.
  • Customer / Buyer will have access to crystal products view and can browse through and access offers and then finally add products to the kart and order the same.
  • The employee is basically the delivery executive login who will actually manage the deliveries and will have access to the related delivery management screens only
  • Vendor / Seller is basically related to sellers who will register themselves, add their products to the admin panel and the added products will be marketed via the website.


Users Modules:  Users Modules Will involve login, registration and log out as the basic functionalities. Users will also have My basket functionality to manage the crystal products added to the kart. My orders will deal with the story of transactions and orders for a logged in and registered customer. My profile will have edit, delivery address manage option, change the password and other details that are necessary.

Admin Panel: Admin being an important module will manage delivery executive employees and their delivery history as it will be linked to order and delivery management. Customers also will be managed by the admin panel. Vendors will register to the application and we can manage vendors via admin panel. Registered vendors will be able to add their products which will be advertised for sale in the crystal market portal. Admin will most importantly manage the categories and subcategories that are involved in adding products and then their sales via the portal. It will also manage the filters that will be provided for searching for various types of crystals.

Kart Module: This Module actually will handle the addition of crystal products which are anticipated to be ordered by a viable customer.  It will be then linked to order management and delivery tracking.

Delivery / Order tracking: It will basically show which order is linked to a particular executive as admin will assign it to a particular executive. Complete delivery status can be tracked in this module. As per order management is concerned once a product is confirmed in kart it will be transferred to order tracking as an order id is assigned to it. And then a delivery executive is assigned an order. This workflow actually provides a flexible tracking system.

Future Enhancements:

  • We can come up with SMS alerts for delivery tracking and registration messages.
  • We can provide reports module with a different type of reports for admin login related to sales, order and delivery reports.
  • We can also introduce a comprehensive invoice module too.
  • Add coupon management system via admin panel

Technology to Use

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & jQuery for markup, design and interaction behavior
  • Bootstrap / Angular JS will be used for making the site responsive and as a framework.
  • PHP (CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Phalcon or Laravel) OR .Net with framework
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server

Hardware Requirements:

Intel Core processor 
RAM 4GB and Above
HDD 100 GB Hard Disk Space and Above
64 or 32 bit OS Windows 8 and above

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server

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