Java Chat like application


This project is about ”Java Chat like application“ between two systems.

Information is shared between client and server. We send and receive data through LAN (Local Area Network) using TCP/IP type of protocol.

The aim of our project is to cover-up “Java Chat like application” like online chatting. The scope of our project is to find out the main function is Communication between two systems. The User may login with their specific name in to the Chat room another User in another System also may login with their name simultaneously. Now they both can communicate and share the Information in Network” It provides an excellent sharing facility through networks with high speed. Using our project we can share data easily. This project is developed using java platform.



Hard disk              –       160 GB

RAM                      –       1 GB

Processor              –       Intel Dual Core


Operating system    –       Windows vista

Language               –        Java, JSP, Servlet

Future enhancements:

In the future we have planned to share the image, audio and video files through chat. As well as should get “user is typing” message dynamically using ajax/jquery. Chat should be supportable in many languages rather than English.


We have developed the simple chat application using java, jsp and servlets. This has been developed by considering the following things like correctness, efficiency, consistency, integrity. The same has been designed in such way that easily changeable.

The same has been developed for both in networks and individual.

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