Export and Import document Management


            The project entitled is Export and import document Management. Import-Export management system is the only complete import export-management solution that goes beyond managing just export documentation or licensing. It manages the whole export cycle, enhancing your growth, catalyzing your profits. Different methods of marketing are done to get orders from various countries. This data about the enquiry are updated in the software and regular follow up done. After getting orders contract finalization will be done. Based upon the type of contract signed the necessary documents are prepared like LC (Letter of Credit), DP (Document against Payment), DA (Document against Acceptance) etc. Importing of raw materials are restricted for some of the items, these items data are maintained in the system for easy reference. For exporting the product the export company should be a member in the promotion council. So the periodic annual renewal details are maintained. Taxation like custom excise duty are calculated easily based upon the product exports. Packing list and item number are generated in the system for shipping. After shipment made the exact profit and loss can be generated successfully.



To develop the online application titled “Export and Import document management system” using ASP.NET as front end and SQL as back end. 


To manage the whole export cycle, enhancing growth and to catalyzing profits. To get marketing orders from various countries. Maintaining the necessary document, based upon the type of contract signed the necessary documents are prepared like LC (Letter of Credit), DP (Document against Payment), DA (Document against Acceptance) etc. To Schedule and to keep Import of raw materials for some of the items, these items data are maintained in the system for easy reference. To maintain export promotion council related information for exporting the product. So the periodic annual renewal details are maintained. Taxation like custom excise duty are calculated easily based upon the product exports. Packing list and item number are generated in the system for shipping. And to find the shipment profit and loss report successfully.


            Now a day’s more corporation companies are involve the import and export business so they want to maintain the Export and import documentation management system. In this company the previously used method is completely manual based so the data accessing is difficult. This motivated well to develop online application for their existing work process. If this online application is developed and launched successfully anywhere around the world the data can be accessed. So only I select this project to do.



Name of the Company                             Bluebird Overseas (P) Ltd.

                                                                        #27  Sidco Industrial  Estate

                                                                        Sipcot, Ranipet,

                                                                        T.N. INDIA.

                                                                        PH/FX : +04172 238188

                                                                        E-mail  : support@bluebird.com

Chief Executive                                         Mr. Premkumar. A

Having 12 years experience in the  manufacture    and export of finished leathers.

Member                                                       Council for Leather Exports. 

                                                                        Dun & Bradstreet (No.91-852-8352)

Last 3 years turnover                              About Rs.15 Crores

                                                                        (About US$ 3.5 Millions)

Countries to which exported                USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Taiwan &  Korea

Bankers                                                          State Bank of India

                                                                        Commercial Branch, Walajapet, T.N.

Brand owned                                                 ‘Flexy’ Footwear


Technical Team – Tannery

Our Tannery consists of totally 9 Technicians, 30 Supervisors and Helpers.  We are supported by 4 Administrative staff monitoring the entire Banking administration, Buyers orders and delivery schedules.

Finished Leathers Manufactured




Cow Kashmir Softy(1.0/1.1mm)

Buff Linings (in Calves & Sides)


Cow Waxy Softy(1.2/1.4mm)

Buff Calf Agadir Softy(0.8/1.0mm)


Cow  Nappa Lexus(1.3/1.4mm)

Buff Oil Pull-up


Cow Linings(0.9/1.0mm)

Buff Antique Softy


Cow Kashmir Softy Antique

Buff  NuBuck (0.9/1.0mm)





Apart from the above articles we can develop new and  innovative leathers as suggested by customer.


Factory Area   : The total working area inside the Shoe Upper factory premises is 5200 sq.ft apart from other utilities.

Conveyors      : We have installed two conveyors of 80ft in length and each with a potential 400 pairs per shift.  This is apart from the Pre-fa0brication conveyor of 30 ft in length.  The Conveyors have been designed and illuminated with standards far advanced from other factories.

Machinery     : We are equipped with 4 Clicking Machines and 5 Skiving Machines to support the above said production.  The other stitching and supporting machinery are all brand new.

Generator      : A brand new 100 KVA Generator is available to support during power failure.

Team       : A Team with rich experience is available to support any sort of production, right from Moccasins to Boots. The Company has recruited a team which has immence experience at some popular shoe factories and executed orders to reputed foreign customers such as Gabor, Majesty, Landmart, JJ Shoes, Riant, Filantho, ICR, Life Style International, Azzoro Enterprises, Hotter, Eramparmy, Francemode, Klodkee, Execursion etc.

Ambience     : The factory has an excellent ambience with full illumination of natural lighting and impeccable cleanliness.  The atmosphere has been created in a manner which would delight even the workers and result in optimum production yield.

ESI/PF/Labour Welfare: The Shoe-Upper factory has recently been commissioned.  The necessary govt formalities are being processed.  The Company has excellent reputation and record with all Govt.  Departments and one need not have any apprehensions of any hurdles in production.

Full Shoes :  We have started a full-shoe line in our factory recently.  We have already started our exports to UK since last month in Styles Classic and Moccasin.

FOOTWEAR BRAND : We have introduced vide varieties of Men, Women, and Children footwear in both Sandals & Shoes under our own brand ‘Flexy’.  We have introduced these products as 100 %  genuine and eco-friendly footwear.  Our footwear is made from only eco-friendly processed leathers of Cow, Buff, Goat and Sheep, etc.  Our capacity is around 1,000 pairs per day and we have already test marketed in Andhra Pradesh and the response is immense.

About The People

As a team we have the prowess to have a clear vision and realize it too. As a statistical evaluation, the team has more than 40,000 hours of expertise in providing real-time solutions in the fields of Embedded Systems, Control systems, Micro-Controllers, c Based Interfacing, Programmable Logic Controller, VLSI Design And Implementation, Networking With C, ++, java, client Server Technologies in Java,(J2EE\J2ME\J2SE\EJB),VB & VC++, Oracle and operating system concepts with LINUX.

Our Vision

“Dreaming a vision is possible and realizing it is our goal”.

Our Mission

We have achieved this by creating and perfecting processes that are in par with the global standards and we deliver high quality, high value services, reliable and cost effective IT products to clients around the world.



In existing system the Export and Import document management system are maintained in the manual system using hard copy registers. Here the data can be accessed by any one or more human resource using the registers. Since hard copy is maintained, at a time many persons cannot able to utilize the record. This limits the users to access the data by turning the papers each and every time. Report generation is difficult because all the data should refer each and every time. The hardcopy registers are kept in the shelf / table etc. this is less safety. Once the register is lost the entire data will be lost. Difficult to take additional backup copies since it is maintained in the registers.

Disadvantage of existing system:

  • Security is less since maintained in registers.
  • Data cannot be accessed apart from the help of registers
  • Only minimum number of users can able to use the record at a time
  • Hard copy may have the chance of damage, pest problem etc.
  • Register kept in the shelf or table leads less security
  • Report generation is difficult because we don’t have any soft copy
  • If any part of the data is missing it is very difficult to tally the data.


            In proposed system the Export and Import document management system are maintained in the online application using ASP.NET as front end and SQL as back end. Here the data can be accessed by multiple users anywhere in the web. The users to access the data is unlimited. Also we access the data anywhere even outside the campus. The software is stored in the internet server itself. All system acts like equal prioritized with safe login. No local area network is required. The user’s login verification is evaluated by the internet server itself. Medium used for communication is internet. No Cascading is required for extending the network or to implement new client stations.

Advantages of proposed system:

  • Strong Security since data stored in internet server.
  • Data can be accessed across the web.
  • Maximum number of users can be able to use at a time.
  • Data not stored in the local server so reliable data will be there.
  • Data not stored in the local system so no need to safeguard all the systems that we are using in the company.
  • Report generation is easy with negligible time.
  • Periodical data backup ensures safe data.


In future if any changes required in the software without the dependency of software developer the modifications should have to be done. In order to do this the application can be upgrade with latest framework technology. Here tire system will be followed to main objective of this methodology is to accelerating the entire software development process. Rapid Application development model helps to reduce the risk and required efforts on the part of the software developer.


The objective of the feasibility study is not only to solve the problem but also to acquire a sense of its scope.  During the study, the problem definition is crystallized and aspects of the problem to be included in the system are determines consequently, costs and benefits are essential with greater accuracy at this stage.  Three key consideration are involved in the feasibility analysis,



            Economical feasibility deals about the economical impact faced by the organization to implement a new system.  Not only cost of hardware, software etc is considered but also the benefits in the form of reduced costs.  This project will certainly be beneficiary since there will be a reduction in manual work, and increase in speak of work and does not need any high cost equipment.  Thus, the proposed system is economically feasible.


            Proposed system is beneficial only if they can turn into information systems that will meet the organizations operating requirements.  User should be involved in the planning and development of the project.  This system will certainly be supported since it produces good result and reduces manual work. Authorized user can access the data in the network, and hacking of data by unauthorized users is also providing username and password.


            Technical consideration evaluates the hardware requirements, software etc.  This system uses the  as C# front end and SQL SERVER as back end and also provides sufficient memory to hold and process the data.  As per requirements both of these software and hardware were already exists and does not need any unique resources.



  • Processor : Pentium Dual Core 2.00GHZ
  • Hard disk : 40 GB
  • Mouse : Logitech.
  • RAM : 2GB(minimum)
  • Keyboard : 110 keys enhanced.


  • Operating system    : Windows7
  • IDE                    :  Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2010
  • Technology     : Asp.Net / Php
  • Backend          : SQL Server / MySQL