Raw Material Inventory, Action plan and Job work process of Leather


The project entitled is “Raw Material Inventory, Action plan and Job work process of Leather”. The raw material availability should check and maintain properly. The raw material inward details and outward details are essential for knowing the inventory details.

Outward of raw material should send with proper secured gateway. All the jobs are not done within the campus itself. Part of the work will be done by the job work units situated in and around the company. So maintaining of raw material stock is essential.

Action plan is the method followed by the manufacturing company in order to plan the future works. For each and every order action plan is prepared. Action plan schedule log is to analyze and to compare action planned vs job progress.

Machinery job work process is to find the cost involved in the order to complete certain operations like cutting, shaving, platting, measurement etc.

Maintain Chemical inventory for dyeing and finishing manually is very difficult. In order to get instant detail about the closing balance of the stock, stock value, location of the stock, minimum order quantity and expiry details is very difficult. So, we maintain the chemical inventory system by computerized notification.


  1. Raw Material Inward
  2. Raw Material Outward with secured gateway
  3. Raw Material Outward for job work unit
  4. Action Plan for every order
  5. Action Plan Schedule log
  6. Machinery Job work process
  7. Dyeing chemical job work process
  8. Finishing chemical job work process



The main aim of the project is Monitoring of article profile details and chemical inventory system


            University safety policy SY39 requires that all work areas maintain a chemical inventory in the Chemical Inventory Management System (CHIMS).

Regular use and required annual updates of the chemical inventory is an essential part of Penn State’s efforts to comply with various regulations as well as to provide critical information to emergency responders entering an area where hazardous chemicals are present.


            Now a day’s more corporation companies are monitoring of article profile details in chemical inventory system they want to more Monitoring of article profile details and chemical inventory system so only i can do this project.



Chemical inventory information provided by departments assists the campus by providing data that can be used to:

  • Comply with current CUPA reporting requirements;
  • Comply with new Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) reporting requirements;
  • Evaluate compliance with fire code control area limits;
  • Assist design and renovation of new and existing facilities;
  • Calculate air pollutant emissions;
  • Identify specific hazardous materials that may trigger other reporting requirements; and
  • Assist compliance with requirements of federal and state regulations.


The new CIS provides enhanced features:

  • Multiple Account Users (no longer limited to 2);
  • Access to a larger chemical library;
  • Convenient user-friendly web-based interface;
  • Create room hazard signs based on chemical inventory hazards;
  • CERS compatible; and
  • Future integration with UC EH&S Technology programs, including a standard operating procedure library and fire safety tools.




  • Processor : Pentium Dual Core 2.00GHZ
  • Hard disk : 40 GB
  • Mouse : Logitech.
  • RAM : 2GB(minimum)
  • Keyboard : 110 keys enhanced.


  • Operating system    : Windows7
  • IDE    :  Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2010
  • Technology     : Asp.Net / PHP
  • Backend          : SQL Server / My SQL