Time Sheet Management System


The main aim of developing this Time Sheet management System .Net Project is to provide automated work Time sheet for allocated projects all employees in the organisation.

The main Users are Employee, Manager and Admin.

Employee functionalities:

where employees can login with their credentials and view their details, modify existing details, enter new time sheets, view time sheet, update time sheet, delete sheets

Manager functionalities:

Where manager has actions like release, update, view, change & allocation time sheet functions.

Admin functionalities:

Where admin can add employees, approve time sheets, create projects, view projects, create employee id’s, project billing actions, etc.

Database Tables below:

Project Table:

Column Name Data Type
UniqId Int
ProjectId Varchar(50)
Project Name Varchar(50)
Started Date Varchar(50)
Estimated Date Varchar(50)
Client Name Varchar(50)
Client Location Varchar(50)
Address Varchar(50)
Poc Varchar(50)
PO Varchar(50)
Scope Document Varchar(50)
Estimated Cost Varchar(50)
Types Varchar(50)
Pay For Manager Varchar(50)
Pay For Employee Varchar(50)
Technology Required Varchar(50)
Data Bases Varchar(50)
AssgineTo Varchar(50)

Employee table:

Column Name Data Type
UniqId Int
EmpId Varchar(50)
First Name Varchar(50)
Last name Varchar(50)
Password Varchar(50)
Gender Varchar(50)
Phone Number Varchar(50)
Email Varchar(50)
Alt Email Varchar(50)
Experience Varchar(50)
Date Of Join Varchar(50)
Address Varchar(50)
City Varchar(50)
State Varchar(50)
Country Varchar(50)
Pincode Varchar(50)
Position Varchar(50)
Status Varchar(50)

Timesheet Table:

Column Name Data Type
TimeSheet Id Int
EmpId Varchar(50)
Date Varchar(50)
Analysis Requirement Varchar(50)
Preparing Functional Design Document Varchar(50)
Preparing High Level Design Varchar(50)
 Preparing  Low Level Design Varchar(50)
   Writing Code Varchar(50)
  Preparing Tcehnical Design Document Varchar(50)
Analysis & Fixing Bug Varchar(50)
Unit Testing Varchar(50)
System Testing Varchar(50)
 Integrity Testing Varchar(50)
Preparing Test cases Varchar(50)
Totaltime Varchar(50)
Status Varchar(50)
Column Name Data Type
Allocated Id Int
Allocated By Varchar(50)
Project Id Varchar(50)
Project Name Varchar(50)
Allocated To Varchar(50)
Status Varchar(50)
Column Name Data Type
Uniq Id Int
Project Id Varchar(50)
Emp Id Varchar(50)
Total Work Hrs Varchar(50)
Payment Varchar(50)

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server

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